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We are in essence an informal group of instrumentalists who simply enjoy group playing and who like helping and encouraging new players. We are mixed ability and some of our more experienced players also play with other orchestras in Worcestershire. Our New Conductor Phil Davies is very keen to develop the skills of our less experienced players. 

We meet during typical school term times on Tuesday evenings 7:00pm - 8:30 pm in the Methodist Church Hall  in Bromyard Road in St. John's Worcester. 

Our Rehearsals:  our conductor Phil Davies will encourage us to listen to each other so that the overall sound is as balanced as possible. We will be exposed to a wide range of music from Classics to Pop and for our development we will be sometimes attempt music that is quite advanced and not suitable for us to play in concert. Other music that is within our grasp provides satisfaction for everyone - including our audiences - when applicable.

Our Concerts: We endeavour to perform at least one concert every year and this is for three main purposes. The first is to provide a musical focus for our rehearsals since this encourages self improvement. The second purpose is to raise funds. There is no admission charge for our concerts but we do accept donations the proceeds of which are disbursed according the the wishes of our members. The proceeds might be shared between the orchestra, to help with concert costs, and a local charity or the Musicians Benefit Fund.  

WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN US?  If you or your friends and family are looking for an opportunity to play ensemble music we would be delighted to hear from you. We would invite you  with no obligation to come to our rehearsals either to listen or play. We do have half-term breaks so if  you are planning to come along it would be a good idea to check the dates.

PHONE CONTACTS: Conductor Phil Davies 07572811665 Geoff Simmons on 01905 353 013.  

EMAIL CONTACT: If you would like someone from the Orchestra to contact you please email Geoff - just click on the following link: