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Concert in Rest Home on 98th Birthday                  Bridget receiving a birthday bouquet        
(This picture is an extract from a Worcester News article)                               (A Worcester News photograph)

OUR FOUNDER - Bridget Monahan

Bridget founded "The Salon Arts Club" in 1954  the club had a Drama Section, A choir, and an Orchestra. For the next 54 years Bridget was Organiser, Librarian and Conductor to the Orchestra and the Choir. The twin objectives for the Salon Arts Club were to encourage artistic skills and to raise funds for charities such as "The Musicians Benevolent Fund" and "The Oxford Mission".

Bridget loved the idea of creating opportunities for younger players to experience Orchestral playing whilst encouraging experienced players to share in the development of the Orchestra. Several of those youngsters went on to achieve considerable success as instrumentalists.

At the age of 97 Bridget finally laid down her baton and subsequently retired to a Rest Home.  In 2010 the reformed Orchestra held a Concert in Bridget's rest home.   The Pictures above are reproduced with the kind permission of the Worcester News.

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